Sunday, June 23, 2013

Frugal Challenge Week #11

Timmie is being a camera hog, and followed me around begging to be in all my pictures.

Wow I can't believe that I have been working on this challenge for 11 weeks now!  I do feel like things are getting easier.  I am ending my weeks with more cash in my pocket and less use of my credit cards.
Setting Goals.  Short term and long term are equally important.  Besides paying down debt, we have a plan to buy a new car next year, something big enough to fit more than just our family of 5.  Not only do I want a new car next year I'd like to not finance it at 100% for 6 years, that is how we have bought our last 4 cars.  We do pay them off and drive them well after they are paid off, but I hate being under the debt for them.
Those are our short and long terms goals from a distance.  Up close we need to get the bills paid, eat, and clothe ourselves and our kids.

This week the nitty gritty of being frugal: 
-I use empty milk jugs when I need to heat up water for hand washing something.  I need to do this at least once a day sometimes more, I just hated wasting all that water.  Brandi over at the Prudent Homemaker suggest catching shower water with a pail.  I am considering this but don't yet have a pail.
-Got two Aloe Vero pieces from my SIL, hopefully this replant well, I've never try to grow any cacti before.
-Finished up two more pairs of pajamas that I cut out a few weeks ago.  One more to go.
-Traded for some cucumbers and bell peppers.
-I got a free whole chicken, cheese,  and bread this week.
-Used a $5 for a $10 coupon I bought on Groupon to buy treats for the girls and I when where where at the outlet mall.  To be even more frugal I took my nook and pulled up the Groupon and had the cashier scan my nook!  Okay, this only works if the place has free Wi-Fi.
-Also pulled up an email with a 20% off coupon for another store, and got some cute dress's for $2.40, they actually are very immodest but will make darling skirts for Middlest.  I can't get fabric that cheap.
-Also got Middlest a modest rashguard and shorts at the Gymboree Outlet for only $12.99.  Super cute and much more modest than the swim suits especially for her body type.  Any way I mix it, Gymboree swimsuits out last all other suits we have had, so they are worth spending money on and I consider this price to be awesome!
-Continuing to cloth diaper at home, and use cloth swim diapers at the pool.
-Continuing to try and use the oven before noon, did well with that this week.
-Continuing to use dryer before noon, still need work here.
-Hanging up diapers and other clothes where appropriate.
-Signed Middlest up for free Cooking class thru the YMCA, she had fun, and we got more value out of our membership.
-Bonus got some shirts for dear husband's birthday for only $10 a piece they would have been $14.99 if I'd bought them right away.  In this case procrastination saved me money.

What we could have done better:
-  Planned our eating out for more frugal restaurants.
- Worked harder at planning his gifts to be more frugal, etc tried to buy online using coupon codes and swagbucks.

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  1. Hi I recently discovered your blog. I am enjoying reading your frugal challenges each week!


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