Monday, June 17, 2013

Frugal Challenge week #10

I feel good about this week.  We had a cost set back, apparently the place that has been rotating our times cross threaded 3 lug nuts and we had to have three replaced on my husbands car.  $139!  So much for free tire rotations!  I don't feel to bad though if we had done it at the dealer it would have been $900!  YIKES!
I also got a electric bill and we used 500 Kw less this year than the same month last year, so yay for that!  Here is hoping the next bill  looks so good.

-Cloth diaper when home.
-Reusable swim diapers at pool.
-Made homemade pizza instead of frozen or take out.
-Cut out and started 4 pairs of pajama bottoms.
-Finished one pair of pajama bottoms.
-Packed lunches for two of the days we planned to be out for lunch.  Remembered water bottles every time we went out.
-Started a dress for Middlest
-Refilled foam soap dispensers with watered down soap.
-Still working on keeping lights off.
-Successfully did not turn down air conditioner.
-Signed up for YMCA for free use of pool, this pays for itself after 4 visits to the pool.  We are going twice a week.  Happy kids makes a happy house.  Will cancel this when summer is over.
-Used a bell pepper and some onions from my garden. 

-I also harvested these peppers, not sure what kind they are but they are way to spicy for us, for now I am deseeding them and freezing till I figure out what to do with them, I have picked 4 and have 7 more on the plant, sure wish my bell peppers did that well!
-Managed to make dinner all but 2 nights and those where planned outings.
-Took the kids to see a movie and only spent $5 on the tickets plus the cost of drinks and popcorn.  Saved money by only getting one large popcorn and refilling it.
-Used swagbucks Amazon gift cards to order free to me black and white and color ink plus free paper.
-From the grocery store I got free or almost free hamburger, bread, cheese, and ribs.
-Using my husbands coffee grounds in my garden, we will see if it helps.
-Used gift cards to get discount on gas.  Watch gas prices and found that this week Bastrop prices where higher than Austin or hometown, glad I pay attention saved us some money.


  1. If you harvest those peppers and pour boiling vinegar over a jar of them you will have a delightful pickled pepper sauce that is really good over steamed greens or dried beans

  2. Glad you shared your blog over at FB. Now I'm inspired to get more frugal. Week 10 of focusing on it - that's some stick-to-it-ness! Impressive!
    Will be following. :)


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